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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

Creating slideshows and video presentations using your photo and video collection is a simple and rewarding task when you use PhotoStage Slideshow Producer. This efficient and timeline-based software tool comes with a wide range of effects, editing features, transitions, and animations that will turn your static photographs into attractive images in motion.
You can add texts and your favorite soundtrack to your slideshows to make them look even more professional.

You can add any mixture of image and video files to the timeline provided and arrange them in whatever order you desire easily. The program will apply a default play duration to each image, though you can always adjust that to your preferences in the timeline. Default transitions are also added in between the various media files, but they are equally customizable just by selecting your favorite transition effects from the corresponding menu. You can also choose your favorite animations and creative effects (black and white, borders, cartoon-like appearance, etc.) from the tags provided, and even edit your images without leaving the program. Its built-in photo editor will let you correct any exposure mistake, rotate, or crop your images, among other standard editing features.

You can add your favorite audio files to the mix to create your personal soundtrack, and even record your own voice to add your personal narration to the images being displayed on the screen. All of these actions take place on a timeline-based environment that makes slideshow creation and editing as simple as it gets. The resulting video can then be shared to well-known social networks directly from the program or authored and burnt to DVD or Blu-ray easily, again without needing to rely on third-party applications. Alternatively, PhotoStage Slideshow Producer can store your video presentations in formats that your portable devices can play or as image sequences. Regardless of the output format you choose, this compact software tool will allow you to transform your scattered photo and video collection into stunning, pro-looking video slideshows that will move your multimedia memories to the next level.


  • Supports all well-known image, video, and audio formats.
  • Mixes photos and video files in a seamless video presentation.
  • Extensive list of effects, transitions, and animations.
  • Built-in photo editor.
  • Timeline-based interface.


  • None.

Publisher's description

Create dynamic slideshows from your photos quickly & easily

Creating a photo slideshow has never been easier.
- Share your memories with a multimedia slideshow
- Easily combine pictures, video clips, music and narration
- Burn to DVD, share online or save for other portable devices
- Free version available for non-commercial use

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    Guest Last year

    I spent several days making a vacation slideshow. After adding a few basic effects (Zoom in/out), it now wants to cut off the bottom portion of my picture and move it to the top whenever I add any kind of zoom. Don't know why it was working properly and then it went to this. I now have a slideshow, I have days invested in, but I cannot add any more effects. Very disappointing.

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    Guest Last year

    I have put a beautiful slideshow together that took me about 3 days. When I saved it as an AVI file, the pictures would get stuck on certain parts while the music kept playing. I was furious not about spending the money to buy the program but more about spending all that time putting it together. And then to have it come out with glitches was very frustrating.
    I did, however, re-save my project as a .mov file and it was perfect. Smooth, no glitches, I was very happy. So you guys might want to try saving it as a .mov file. It worked for me

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      Guest 9 months ago

      How do you save it as a .mov file?

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    Guest Last year

    Which OSs are PhotoStage Slideshow Producer compatible with? I couldn't find that information...