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José Fernández Senior editor

This review applies to version 1.1. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

PhotoStage Slideshow Producer is a full-featured slideshow creator. The application consists of a preview window located on the left of the screen with a list of slides on the right.
Below is a timeline which shows both the media included in the slide and a graphic representation of the accompanying sound. In fact, the application will accept pretty much any audio format to add a soundtrack to your slides. It will also accept photos and video files.

I was playing with it and added an MP4 video. The application soon realized that it didn't have the required codec to decode the video so it asked me to download it. It did so without even restarting the application. And I didn't even have to do a thing.

Going back to the slideshow creation, you can add media transition effects. Those are located in-between photos or videos to ease the transition and make it smoother. There are only two effects available, though.

Once the slideshows are done, there are many options of building them (export). You can change the resolution and the format for exporting them. There are some custom presets already included: Windows PC, DVD, CD, Portable Device, Mac, and Mobile Phone. You can also access some advanced encoder options. Quality-wise, Photostage Slideshow producer does indeed create great-looking slideshows. It has a lot of features, yet it remains basic enough so that anyone can figure out the basic commands and features.


  • Very complete.
  • Exporting is easy and there are quite a bit of formats to choose from.


  • I would like to be able to trim video that I add.

Publisher's description

Creating a slideshow from your digital photos has never been easier. Photostage brings your pictures, images and video to life and lets you share your favorite memories with family and friends in an interesting and portable way.

The brief - make a slideshow program so easy to use that your Grandma could do it.
The result - Photostage.

With incredibly powerful features at your fingertips, Photostage lets you set your photos to a soundtrack, record your own narrations and overlay text captions.

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  All comments (8)
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    Guest Last year

    I spent several days making a vacation slideshow. After adding a few basic effects (Zoom in/out), it now wants to cut off the bottom portion of my picture and move it to the top whenever I add any kind of zoom. Don't know why it was working properly and then it went to this. I now have a slideshow, I have days invested in, but I cannot add any more effects. Very disappointing.

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    Guest Last year

    I have put a beautiful slideshow together that took me about 3 days. When I saved it as an AVI file, the pictures would get stuck on certain parts while the music kept playing. I was furious not about spending the money to buy the program but more about spending all that time putting it together. And then to have it come out with glitches was very frustrating.
    I did, however, re-save my project as a .mov file and it was perfect. Smooth, no glitches, I was very happy. So you guys might want to try saving it as a .mov file. It worked for me

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      Guest 6 months ago

      How do you save it as a .mov file?

  • 1
    Guest Last year

    Which OSs are PhotoStage Slideshow Producer compatible with? I couldn't find that information...

.iso ISO Image File
.ivr Internet Video Recording
.wdp Windows Media Photo
.bms Bitmap Image
.dct Microsoft Visual FoxPro Database Container
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